Today we got the exciting news that the lovely Gillian Anderson has given us some locations to add to the walk in London. How cool is that???? 

Want to know where they are? Join us and find out on March 23 :).

In other news we are up to 87% towards our target now and a big thanks to all who have donated so far and signed up for the walk. Hope everyone is keeping their fingers crossed the rain holds off.




Well when our choir sang “I Predict a Riot” who knew we’d actually have riots happening in the city of London just a week later? It’s almost too hard to comprehend how things could spiral out of control so fast.

Watching the news on Monday evening and seeing images of looting and riots in Clapham Junction was frightening to say the least. People smashing doors and windows of shops and looting Debenhams – right where I would get the bus home. Then a friend phoning from Colliers Wood and whilst we talked she heard a loud bang and saw flames and smoke from a furniture shop that had been set of fire. It all seemed so pointless – why would these people want to destroy their own communities for new trainers or a TV? Are times so desperate that this is what it’s all come to? Setting fire to buildings and destroying lives and businesses to prove a point to our Government is a poor excuse.

I walked through Clapham Junction today and the damage is extensive. The main shopping street where I get my bus was a mess. Pretty much every single shop had boards across the windows or doors. It wasn’t just shops though – the pub opposite the station, hairdressers, restaurants, building societies had all been smashed up. I can’t even begin to imagine how scary it must have been for the residents living above these properties in the flats.

However in true British spirit we come together in times of need and people have been organising clean up groups in the areas that were damaged. In Peckham, another area that was badly damaged, people have been writing messages on a wall of a shop against the riots. It’s things like that that make me proud to be British.

I also think the police and firefighters have done an amazing job of protecting our country. Again I can even imagine how awful Monday night must have been for them. There was no way they had enough numbers to cope with the amount of violence across such a large area at the same time. There were reports of 150 – 200 people in Clapham Junction looting, throwing things at police and setting fire to a shop and in the end they had to bring in armoured vehicles to break it up. I for one am grateful to them for what they do.

What will become of those that committed these crimes? Clearly they have nothing better to do with their time and some of them were as young as 11. There’s still time to teach them right from wrong and I worry that just throwing them in jail will make matters worse. It’s not solving the problem.

Anyway it’s late and this probably makes no sense whatsoever so I shall head off to bed but thanks to everyone who texted, tweeted and facebooked me to check I was ok. I appreciated it so much.

Decision Made

After my last post and reading all of your fab comments I gave lots of thought as to what I should do. I talked to by boss who said she would take me off doing my other team members’ work and she would help the other girl with it. Fabulous I thought but how silly of me to think it would last.

It got to that time of the month where work had to be sent out to various people as part of the job the other team member does and nothing happens. My boss decides she can’t help so it’s left to the other girl to do. There is a desk guide to this job so it’s quite easy to figure out what you have to do. I was off one day and then it was a bank holiday. When I came back she still hadn’t sent the stuff out as she said she hadn’t had time and didn’t know what to do. I ended up having to help her.

I had already decided at this point to start redoing my CV to apply for something new but then today happened.

My boss calls me in to see how my work is doing, this is the first meeting we’ve probably had where she’s actually asked me this. I tell her that I’m really busy and could use some help as I’m so behind. Other teams in our department have gotten help but I think my boss is afraid that if she asks for help it will look bad on her as she is new to the role. Anyway she said our team was struggling but coping which is not a term I would use at all. I reiterated again that I needed some help and she just said “Oh that’s good everything’s fine”.

Also if I am late in the mornings now I have to go and apologise to her and give her the reason even though I let her know beforehand and than she added, “it’s not like I’m on a power trip or anything”.

I got back to my desk and the other girl had emailed me as she had also had a chat with our boss and said oh did she thank you for all the work you’ve done? Did she hell!!!

Keep your fingers crossed something will come up soon.


I’ve been in my current company for six years now and it seems like forever. I like my job but I don’t like the way our department is run and how it feels so much like being back at school again.

One of our team members is off long term sick and my boss, another colleague and me are meant to be sharing her work. Of course it never works out that sharing is what happens. My boss had to take a seminar which she just about managed to do with me and the other colleague doing all the work on the day to get everything together. The day to day stuff seems to now be left to me as other colleague is now “too busy”.

I think I must be mad because my conscience tells me that I don’t want to let this work be left and then rushed at the last minute because someone has picked up on the fact it hasn’t been done. I don’t want to get the blame but I also don’t want to let the lady down that is off sick. She is desperate to get back to work but she isn’t well enough and it’ll probably be a few more months before she is.

I’ve been working late for the past few weeks and tried to have a life alongside but it ended up with me feeling exhausted by the end of last week and not feeling up to going to visit some friends that I had arranged months ago.

This week we are having a shuffle round in the office with some building work being done and our team moving desks to a new part of the office. Of course our team being the only ones that have been given a seating plan. All other teams have been allowed to choose where they sit – like you would think most adults would be able to do.

I am sad not to be sitting next to the girl I’ve sat next to since I moved to my job in 2008. She isn’t even sitting next to the girl that works with her and when she asked our boss if it could be changed she said no as the plans had already been made. It’s mad!! She just has no idea what we do because she’s never bothered to find out. All she did on Friday was check her emails and the internet and do the minutes she was meant to do when she “worked from home” the day before as we could see her screen. That made me so angry as we were all run off our feet and she was just sat there.

Another girl in the office is getting married in July and her fiance works in our department too. The girl has invited all the other girls in the office to her hen night except four of us. Now this is no surprise because the four of us are always left out of most events – pub lunches, parties etc. It really is like being back at school and the bosses just encourage this. Other departments notice this and comment to us how bizarre it is.

Now in this current climate I wonder should I look for another job? What would I do? I don’t have any specific skills like the other two girls that also want to look for something else because they are unhappy too. I feel I need to do something or I’m going to be stuck there forever.

I debated for a while whether to even post about this as I’m fed up with whining about work on here but it helps me to get it off my chest.

Cheerier posts will follow I promise.


I actually had some time this weekend to relax and decided to try my hand at making videos so here’s my first attempt.

Please let me know what you think good or bad as I have no idea what I’m doing.

Gillian Anderson

Well there’s a subject many of you will know well and those that don’t will but know me well will have an inkling.

I’ve been fortunate to meet Gillian Anderson many, many times but the last time I met her was the most special and I realised I have never blogged about this and I feel that I should. Instead of typing this I should be in bed but …. this seems more appealing.

So December 10 2010 will be forever etched in my mind – the day that two of my favourite people and I had an almost private encounter with Gillian.

The background to the story is that my friend Cathy had gotten us tickets to a graduation ceremony that Gillian was attending as she was getting an honorary degree from the London Film School. Our friend Ariane from Puerto Rico was staying with Cathy and came too.

None of us had any expectations from the day other than if we got a photo and a chance to say hi that would be great.

The event got underway and we got to see Gillian accept her award from a very serious Mike Leigh who didn’t seem to appreciate her humour at all or the fact that she seems desperate to work with him :). His loss!!!

Once all the awards were given out the day was being broken up with lunch so we seized our chance to chat to Gillian.

We had to wait a while and a lady that was kind of stewarding was anxious to get us out of the auditorium but we politely and firmly told her that we were not going anywhere as we were waiting to talk to Gillian as she knew us.

Then it was time – Gillian finished talking and she saw us and instantly came over, kissed us all on each cheek, said “Hi, how are you?” to me and asked what we were doing there. We told her we were there to support her.

Ariane asked her if we could have our photos taken to which she was more than happy to oblige and chose a setting she thought looked nicer than where we were standing. She even smiled in my photo which is a rarity in photos as those that are familiar with her will know. Of course that may have been because I told her she had to smile haha.

Well we all said thanks and goodbye and left her to have lunch while we went outside and jumped up and down with excitement.

It’s been five months since that day but right now it’s pretty much one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me and I’m so glad I had such lovely people to share it with. All three of us celebrate this day every month and it instantly cheers us to remember and for that I will always be thankful.

Westminster Abbey

I completed my Royal Wedding week by visiting Westminster Abbey after work today. I found out that Kate’s bouquet was on show and the trees were still in place till Friday. The opening hours weren’t in my favour and today was the only day where it closed at 6pm so my friend Sheila and I headed down after work.

We had to queue for about half an hour and there was no guarantee we would get in but much to our amazement we did it and we were the last group they let in at exactly 6pm as Big Ben was chiming.

Wedding or no wedding I would highly recommend anyone to visit the Abbey. It’s truly spectacular and it is expensive but when you see what’s inside you realise that it’s totally worth every penny. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it must cost to keep such a building.

There was no photography allowed in the building but Sheila and I managed to take a couple of sneaky photographs, none of the bouquet though. I was surprised at how tiny it was and it was surrounded by tiny red flowers that lined the tomb it was placed on.The flowers themselves weren’t that spectacular and by Friday I think they will be more of a sorry sight.

  The trees blended in really well with the architecture inside and I thought they looked really good, especially with the sun shining     in through the windows.

Because it was a special Royal Wedding tour there were some areas of the abbey that were usually closed to the public. The Shrine    was one of those areas. This was where Kate and William signed the registers and what a sight to behold. The thing you notice the     most are the ceilings. It’s hard to describe them but I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Then there was the altar which looked like it was all made of gold and I think all I could say was “WOW!” when I saw it.

We also saw the Coronation Chair which reminded me first of all of The Kings Speech. It looks quite old and was inside glass casing to keep anyone from touching it. It didn’t look very comfy!!

You also get to see tombs of Queens and Kings which have the most intricate carvings around them and coats of arms in the chapels they are resting in. I hadn’t realised the Abbey had so many sidings to it that are tiny chapels and a poets corner too.

The outside of the building is also beautiful when the sun shines on it with blue skies and it makes you love London that little bit more.

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